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9 of the Best Type-A Planners to Organize Your Life in 2024

Thick all-around planners that come with extra space for me to set goals, take notes, track projects, record important info, and even brainstorm are what usually catch my eye. Especially customizable planners that I can make as big or as small as I want…

2 Things To Consider When Picking A Genre To Write In

Choosing a genre is semi-important and will happen anyway. Even if you pick multiple genres, don’t limit yourself by committing to one too early. hoosing a genre is semi-important and will happen anyway. Even if you pick multiple genres, don’t limit yourself by committing to one too early. And when you do get to the point where you’re ready to pick a genre to write in, don’t forget my two very impotant considerations…

9 Worth-Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts for Writers and Authors

I’ve snooped around the Internet to get you 9 worth-buying items that your writing valentine will love. Whether they are a fiction writer, screenwriter, or even poet, there is something special in this list for them. You just have to buy and give it to them.

9 Practical Ways to Increase Your Writing Stamina

Have you noticed discrepancies in your work when you write in a warmer room versus a cool one? When you write while listening to fast music or slow music? Or when you write in the morning, afternoon, or at night?…

16 Extraordinary Bestseller Books By Black Authors That You’ll Love

That sort of literary success contributes to positive racial stereotypes and pushes the probability of black authors succeeding financially higher. These bestseller books specially catches the attention of black audiences and uses the medium to educate, uplift, affirm, testify, comfort and inspire. And for this Black History Month, here are …

Save Your Bookstore With These 17 Unique Business Ideas

Bookstores were inevitably going to experience some sort of (initial) decline before the industry fully adapted to the digital age and its advancements. However, the Corona Virus aka Covid-19 accelerated this decline…But instead of a decline, this is the perfect opportunity for book stores to make their comeback. But it may require a little evolving unless all the internet and technology suddenly fails.

7 Ways To Make Money Writing and Reading in 2022

Other professions are more obviously lucrative, promising faster financial success and more financial security. Being a successful writer requires a bit more time for the money to roll in. Here are 8 ways you can make money as a writer this year, faster than you can write your book. Some of these methods can be side hustles and others can turn into a stable source of income.

8 Ways Published Authors Can Make money

the many ways published authors can make money, with traditional publishing, self publishing, hybrid publishing  and ways that work no matter how a book is published…

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