9 Best-Selling Black Authors of 2021-2022

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Black Authors With The Best Selling Books: From 2021 Into 2022

Being a bestselling author means that an author’s (new) book has exceeded the expected sale amounts. And depending on which bestselling list the books end up on these sales must be within/exceed a specific range and/or have diverse sales. Different bestseller lists take place on different marketplaces, publications, and from critics all based on the number of sales a book receives and its popularity.

The most well-known bestsellers list is the New York Times best-sellers list. Goodreads, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon also feature their own bestseller lists or collections. Most bestseller lists contain a lot of the same books. But there can be (a few) differences depending on the marketplace.

Since Phillis Wheatley became the first black/African-American person to publish work (a book of poems) in America, black people have been able to share their works (related to writing) farther than they could travel or think to reach. They have been able to inspire, entertain, bring joy, and do other good things for millions or billions of people. All while getting paid for exploring and excelling in the art and profession of writing. She had published individual poems in her teenage years before then, and around the age of 20 Phillis Wheatly published Poems on Various Subject, Religious and Moral in 1773 around the age of 20;

These black writers, poets, creators, etc. have, at different ages and in different career paths also made their mark in today’s literary world. Honoring black history month get these books, read these books, and check out these authors, poets, writers, and artists.

Some of them are fiction, others non-fiction. Nonetheless, they’re amazing. If you’ve already read some of these books, what was it like (no spoilers)?

Between 2021-2022 here are some black best-selling authors.

I also included links to buy these books from SecondSale because they do offer new and great quality used books at a price your wallets will love. Some of the books on this list are listed for under $5. Other newer ones may be a bit more expensive. As the disclosure mentions, when you buy the books from this list from the links/buttons at prices you’ll love, help keep me from going broke and supports my writing career & art.

Amanda Gorman: Call Us What We Carry

Fiction, Poetry

Amanda Gorman is a poet and activist. You might have seen her deliver her poem, The Hill We Climb, at President Biden’s Inauguration in 2021. Well, this year she published a book of works called Call Us What We Carry. With national recognition, Amanda Gorman’s new collection of poems quickly sold many copies. It made the New York Times, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and many other booksellers’ best-seller lists.

Sarah M. Broom: The Yellow House

Non-fiction, memoir

Seen in articles by The Atlantic, The Guardian, and in New York Times The Yellow House by Sarah M. Broom has received much praise for her book that shed a lot of light not only on her upbringing in the yellow house but also on her local and the larger communities of New Orleans. Showing that hurricane Katrina was no single culprit to its damage or hurts. A story about family, community, and history is definitely a story going on my reading list.

I have yet to read this book but after learning the little I learned about it for this blog post, this story sure sounds promising and deserving of the praise it gets. As I come across more and more books, I am discovering how beautiful non-fiction works could be/is. How beautiful and impactful our lives are. Not all fiction pieces read like a science textbook.

Will Smith: Will

Non-fiction, memoir

Will Smith may be your favorite actor, entertainer, film producer, and rapper. He may also become your favorite author and this may become your new favorite book. This book sounds as awesome as the movies and tv-shows Will Smith has acted in. Going over Will Smith’s life in a captivating and charming way. Will is the book about Will Smith.

Chris Herring: Blood in The Garden

Non-fiction, Sports

Published in January of this year, this book doesn’t also bring to mind the sport of basketball. But also that Chris herring is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated who writes about sports. The writing field continues to surprise me with the topics and things people can successfully write about: Anyone can write about anything. But to receive recognition, support, compensation, and respect for your writing, art, and creative work. Receiving all of that (and more) despite obstacles that many black artists face in the literary world takes the accomplishment to another level.

Admittedly, I often pay lots of attention to fiction and am now venturing out towards non-fiction books. Of course, I have seen articles about sports, and some books in the library. Yet, finding books about sports being written by a succeeding black author and writer is still inspiring.

If you’re black or African-American, love sports, and love writing, this book is for your shelf. Also, an inspiration for you to keep doing what you love because there is a career and market for sports writing.

Bryan Stevenson: Just Mercy


Unfortunately, I saw the movie before I knew about the book. But I will still be reading the book whenever I get my hands on it: This is not a story to forget or a story that becomes uninteresting. Originally published in 2014, this book has been gaining popularity because of its heart-tugging true story. And with the movie adaptation that came out in 2019 starring Michael B. Jordan, its popularity continues to grow into 2022. This book could not avoid being a New York Times Bestseller.

Laura Coates: Just Pursuit


Written by former prosecutor Laura Coates, currently, a legal analyst for CNN, Just Pursuit offers a new perspective on injustice with the justice system of America. Coates wrote this collection of essays sharing her perspective/views and experience as a black woman who sought to make a positive difference within the Department of Justice. But being a prosecutor challenged her and enlightened her.

Formerly pursuing law in high school and during my first year(s) in college this book will end up on my books shelf. And whether you’re interested in law or not this book can benefit you in more than one way.

Zakiya Dalia Harris’: The Other Black Girl


This fiction book is intertwined with the topic(s): surrounding the issues and obstacles for black people/African-Americans (specifically women) in a professional setting (dominated by white professionals). With a good splash of thriller, drama, and the struggle toward success along the way. This book is quickly becoming the star of many discussions, growing in popularity all over.

Trevor Noah: Born a Crime

Non-fiction, comedy

You’ve heard of Noah Trevor, right? The relatable and funny political commentator, comedian, and tv host. He published this autobiography in 2016 and it’s currently on the bestsellers list. This book, a mix of comedy, a bit of history, and how Trevor Noah came about, tells a really good story.

Charmaine Wilkerson: Black Cake


I hear this book is like a treasure chest of adventure and good things, including Caribbean black cake-which is really really good by the way. I love a story about inheritance, so this book is also going on my reading list too; In an adventure, two sisters are brought together by their mother’s death to try to finalize and figure out their inheritance.

This beautiful and warm story definitely worth a shot.

Which one of these books are you going to be adding to your bookshelf or reading lists? And if you know more black bestselling authors of 2021-2022 let me know.

Until my next words (on here that is)

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