I’m Christa a writer and current college student. I have been writing for a long time; At first, writing was a hobby for me and I wrote just about anything and everything in any journal I could have. I kept this hobby up into my teenage years.

But it wasn’t until I quit wanting to pursue criminal law and law school, in college, that I realized that writing was something I could do seriously. Something I wanted to do on a professional level: I wanted to write books And most likely fiction. As I started to do so, I realized that there was much to do, learn and develop. For one how to be a better writer. And how to make it a lucrative career. Some careers like those in law promise much more financial security and growth, so long as you do your job. But that is not the case for many writers.

But I don’t want that to be my case. I can be a fiction writer and make money from it. This blog takes you along as I do just that.

As I grow from being a beginner writer to an expert writer with the best pieces, come along for the journey and get all the tips, advice, tricks, and things I pick up along the way. Including how I make (creative and fiction) writing lucrative for me. By the time I publish my first work and/or book you’ll be the first to hear about it.

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