About Actually Writing

Actually Writing (AW) started in 2021 as the platform that validated Christa’s title as a writer. It took three years for her to hone in on its final direction & define what AW would serve as. Ultimately the goal was always to be a writer, speak to writers, and create content for writers; Today, AW is a writing-lifestyle magazine for writers who use writing as a tool to document, understand, and explore this thing called life.

Creative Writing

Tips, inspiration, information, and conversation to better your poetry, fiction, short stories, screenplays…


“Sometimes I’m notebook, planner, stationary, and life documenting obsessed…” – Christa

The Writer

Literary work is a product of the writer: their inspirations, values, morals, work ethic, skill level, mental health state, overall health status, etc.

How do you care for yourself, the writer?

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Buy or Download free editable planners, templates, and checklists, for your writing projects in Actually Writing’s digital shop.

Meet The Writer & Editor of Actually Writing

Deciding to be a writer was sort of a surprise that has remained relevant. At first, I was sure that my projects would only encompass fiction novels and stories. But since starting Actually Writing, my writing career has been like an ever-growing flower.

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