While practicing the art of creative writing and fiction, I’m getting a head start on the business Side.

The Trials & Tribulations of Becoming an Author

The Writer

Writing used to be a hobby that I loved for many years. I even entertained the idea of writing seriously a couple of times before I started this blog. Then it was an idea, a dream; now I am actually writing. But since I took writing seriously, I realized that there is so much to learn and so much to develop. Follow me on my journey to becoming a better writer: writing books that’ll inspire.

As I transition from being a new writer to an expert writer, discover my tips, lessons, advice, inspiration, techniques, and all the like on AW. Because I am actually writing.

My Works


“I, uh. Couldn’t quite-” “Goodness Max, get out with it” “If you would give me a second, I would be able to, if, if you-” He did not give me even half a second and turned to Larry to make a joke relating me and Porky the pig from Looney tunes. I don’t get how … Read more

Writing & Life

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