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The Art

Coming Up With A Title For A Story

Coming Up With A Title For A Story

I never expected to struggle with story titles. And I haven’t really considered it much until recently. Whenever I write stories that I don’t publish or don’t need to submit for class assignments, titles arent an issue. If anything most…

The Business

The Writer

My want and journey to become a successful writer inspired this blog. The first thing I learned is that writing is an art to perfect and practice. And then that the same art is the product of a writer’s career.

Writers write their careers forward

My journey is kind of mine to advance. Which means that understanding the art and business behind being a successful writer is a must.

My discoveries are definitely too much to keep to myself so this blog is the archive of the art, the business, and my journey toward being a successful writer.

My Journey

Getting Back Into A Productive Writing Routine

Getting Back Into A Productive Writing Routine

I have always struggled with work management and attaining productivity that produced good and progressing results. But … I think I’ve gotten into a really effective groove.


Questions about being a writer answered by writers who have already succeeded or are on their way

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