Write Like a Pro & Boost Your Craft with These 15 Writing Software Tools

I Need Writing Software That Will Help Me Organize My Work, Focus on My Writing, and Make My Work Available to Me on Multiple Devices

By now, we’re settling into the new year and our bucket lists and to-do lists are beginning to be completed. Still, we’re smack dab in the middle of a season popular for embracing new things. Which means the time for re-organizing, planning, and updating old things is now. And this week’s new thing is writing software.

Writing software can be like your favorite pair of sunglasses. Maybe you bought your first pair to block out the sun. But then things like blue light protection, size, lens shape, color, tint level, and style begin to matter. So, you upgrade your sunglasses game based on your new needs. And now, your favorite pair of sunglasses practically goes wherever you go.

Google Docs was the first writing software I used. I already had a Google account and knew how to use the software well enough. But then I started organizing literary projects across multiple documents and between the many other unrelated documents I write in Google Docs.

The need for better writing software quickly became urgent once the lack of organization, project accessibility, and writing optimization affected my work.

For 2024 and beyond, I’m going to need writing software that’ll help me organize my work, focus on my writing, and make my work super easy to find: I need a pair of go-to sunglasses. Or else I’ll lose sight of my work forever.

Well – not forever.

15 Writing Software Tools to Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Using the right writing software tool helps writers achieve their writing goals, organize work, structure and format pieces (according to their creative medium), track session word counts, analyze their writing habits, and of course store work.

Experiencing the adverse effects can lead to writing pieces getting abandoned, and you and I falling out of love with our pieces. At the very least, all a writer needs is a pencil and paper. But if you work from your laptop or phone, your writing software will not only be your main writing instrument but also your secretary. Able to manage all of your paperwork, collaborations, paper trails, and related files.

7 Ideal Things To Look For in Writing Software

Like most things in life, every writing software has its unique attributes. Among them all, there are some ideal attributes to look for in writing software to maximize your writing productivity, stamina, discipline, organization, and word count.

  • Multi-device accessibility
  • A folder-like organization system to organize documents according to their projects or parent stories
  • Word count tracking and planning
  • Formatting according to the writing medium
  • Decent built-in spelling and grammar assistance
  • Updated document sharing, collaboration & exportability
  • Cloud or device storage to keep all your projects and work

These, are the basics. Go beyond your typical word processor with these 15 writing software picks.

1. Scrivner

Creative Writing $59.99 One-time Payment Manuscript Formatting Project Organizing Downloadable Software

2. Reedsy Book Editor

Wordcount Planning Find Editors & Cover Designers Free Web-Based $20

3. Google Drive

Web-Based Free Use Across Multile Devices Mobile Application Easily Share Documents Under $20

4. Living Writer

Mobile & Web Application IOS, macOS, Windows & Android Compatible Writing/Wordcount Tracking & Analytics Writer Board Manuscript Outline Under $20 ( billed Monthly)

5. Writer Duet

Screenwriting 3 Project Free-Plan Web/Cloud Based Translation Offline Writing Project Templates Read Aloud Translation Under $20 Monthly Payments

6. MilaNote

Visual Organization Mind-Map Limited Free Forever Plan To-Do List Under $20 Web & Mobile App IOS, Android, macOS & Windows Compatible

7. Atticus

Web-Based Aplication Manuscript Formatting Creative Writing Project & Goal Tracking Project & Goal Tracking Ebook Writing Friendly Cloud Storage Ebook Writing Friendly $147 Onetime Payment

8. Dabble

Cloud Storage Built-in Thesaurus Project Formatting Built-in Thesaurus Translate Interface Under $40 Monthly Payments ( With Pricing Tier)

9. Novlr

Writing Community Writing Lessons & Tips In-depth Writing Analytics Focus Mode Under $20 Monthly Payemenst

10. Microsoft

Use on Any Device Speech to Text Built in Spell Check Use As Downloadable, Web or Mobile Software Under $20 Monthly Payments Free to Use On the Web With Microsoft 365

11. Final Draft

Screenwriting Project Formatting Use Across Multiple Devices Track Goals Writing Analytics/Data One-time Payment of approx $200

12. Bibsco

Downloadable Software Character Development Scene Management Story Timeline Story Analytics Mind Maps Free Plan $47 One-time Payment

13. Ulysses

macOS & IOS Only Intergration With Publishing Software Like Medium, WordPress, etc. Writing Formatting Transform Writing Into Blog Posts or Ebook Plan and Manage Writing Goals Project Management Under $10 per month

14. CelTX

Screenwriting Story Planning Pre-Production Planning Writer Collaboration Under $30 Individual Monthly Plans

15. Ia Writer

Simple & Easy Interface Focus Mode Write With AI Windows, macOS, IOS, & Android Compatible Pricing by Software

What Features Are You Looking for In Writing Software?

Under each company listed, are some key features to take note of when picking your writing software. Even though I am looking to move on from Google Docs, it’s a great place to start if you know nothing about your writing career except that you want to start.

Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and Reedsy’s Book Editor are great writing software picks for the beginning of your writing career.

We’re all looking for different features and I want to know what yours are. After this post, I think I’m going to be very picky about my next writing software. Meticulous organization, cloud storage, and being able to use the app on multiple devices are going to be my main decision-makers.

What are yours?

Don’t just be a good writer, be a great one!
Until my next words (on here that is),

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