9 of the Best Type-A Planners to Organize Your Life in 2024

2024 is Coming In Hot

2024 is coming in hot and I am ready to dive deep into planning for the new year. For me, meticulous planning directly impacts my productivity and project management. In my planner, I’ve even noticed that months and weeks with lots of empty space and little notes usually indicate low productivity.

Thick all-around planners that come with extra space for me to set goals, take notes, track projects, record important info, and even brainstorm are what usually catch my eye. Especially customizable planners that I can make as big or as small as I want, fitted with everything I need to help me execute all my tasks. 

2024 is 2 months out and for all my type-a people here are some planners to kick off your new year and carry it through with great execution and meticulous planning.

General Planner Guidelines

If you’re new to planners, especially customizable ones, some brand sites on this list may confuse you. Planners are used to schedule, document,  plan, and manage tasks, projects, and goals.

At The Very Least Most Planners Generally Include

  • 12-month year overview
  • Yearly holiday overview
  • Monthly calendar spread for monthly planning
  • Week-by-week spread for weekly planning
  • A few pages and spaces for notes

And in this list, I’ve included customizable planners that work a little bit differently. Although they do include basic planner stuff. Buying a customizable planner isn’t as simple as putting an already-made planner into your cart and checking out.

They are put together piece by piece. For some planners like Cloth & Paper’s planners, you might purchase and receive pieces (covers, inserts, bookmarks, dividers) separately. For others, like Golden Coil’s planners, you might still choose your planner pieces separately but receive and purchase your planner as one put-together book.

How to choose and buy a customizable planner

  • Pick your covers: The front and back planner covers and/or a folio
  • Pick your bind: spiral/binder ring or disc
  • Pick your inserts: planner pages that serve different purposes or have different layouts
  • Pick your accessories: pens, bookmarks, dividers, etc.

9 of the Best Everything Planners to Organize Your Life in 2024

1. Cloth & Paper

I currently use a Cloth & Paper planner and absolutely love it. They sell fully customizable planners that check every box.

My #1 reason for choosing this planner over all the others was because of their large and thorough insert selections. I really appreciate the option to meticulously build my planner exactly how I need it. Plus the possibility to add to my planner during the year. Reason #2 was because their brand aesthetic looks soooo good.

2. Happy Planner

3. The Dailee 2024 Daily Planner

Time Blocking Daily Planning Weekly Grocery Planning Monthly Reflection Budget Planning Gift Planning Travel Planning Buy

4. The Productivity Planner

Task Prioritizing Daily Planning Time Blocking Weekly Review Productivity Tips & Advice Habit Tracker Mood Tracker Day Rating Buy

5. Papier

Monthly Goals Weekly Planning Different Designs Affordable Contacts Extra Space for Notes Lots of Pretty Planner Covers & Themes Buy

6. Hobonichi

Daily Planner Time-Blocking Quotes Grid Planner Buy

7. Day Designer 2024 Planner

Daily Planner Task Prioritizing Goal Setting Routine Planning Stickers Included Bookmark Buy

8. Golden Coil

Fully Customizable Expensive Multiple Layout Options Meal Planning Addonsk Budgeting Pages Goal Setting Pages Home Care Pages Event Planning Pages Home Work Pages Password Keeper Different Cover Material Options Buy

9. Curation 2024 Planner

Goal Setting Habit Tracker Self Care Bucket List Multiple Cover Colors Buy

Quick Reccomendations for Your Planner Preferences

While all of these planners are perfect ver & specific high-maintanence planning, they each have their specialities. Just like you have preferences that sway your planner desicions.

If You Prefer Shop For, Or Really Want…Then Cosider…
Maximum planner customizationsA Cloth & Paper planner (#1) & the Golden Coil planner (#8)
The ability to add pages to your planner after you’ve bought itA Cloth & Paper planner (#1)
Personal, emotional, or health planning & trackingThe Productivity Planner (#4) & the Golden Coil planner with it’s extensive add on’s (#8)
A mommy plannerThe Golden Coil Planner (#8)
Great all-around planner that covers most planner thingsThe Dailee 2024 planner (#3), the Happy Planner (#2), the 2024 Curation Planner (#9), & the Day Designer planner (#7)
An affordable plannerPapier’s planners (#5)
Pretty & aesthetic plannersA Papier planner (#5) & The Happy Planner (#2)
Meticulous daily planning & time blockingThe Hobonichi planner (#6) & The Dailee 2024 planner (#3)

What ever you choose, I hope your New Years Years resolutions, goals, and projects, and stories go spectacularly. I myself will be refilling and upgrading my Cloth & Paper planner for 2024. Happy planning!

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