9 Worth-Buying Valentine’s Day Gifts for Writers and Authors

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HI! So it’s Valentines Day and you want a gift for your valentine who is a writer or author. Depending on how much you know the person, or know about what writers do on a daily basis you may have an idea. Or you have absolutely no clue. But I’ve got you. I’ve snooped around the Internet to get you 9 worth-buying items that your writing valentine will love. Whether they are a fiction writer, screenwriter, or even poet, there is something special in this list for them. You just have to buy and give it to them.

Or get it for yourself if you’re a writer because these picks are good.

#1 – Type Writer Styled Keyboard

Many writers are fond of typewriters. It is a novelty in the history of literature. Today, typewriters are not as efficient as Laptops and Google Docs. So modern-day computers will have to do.

But amazing companies that love writers make USB/Bluetooth keyboards with bodies like real typewriters. Cool right? They look and feel like the real thing and are can keep up with modern technology.

A really good keyboard to consider is the Qwerkywriter. It works with tablets, pads, and desktops.

Product image from the Qwertywriter website


#2 – Hand Massager

Hands are a writer’s 2nd greatest tool. The first is language because, duh, writers use words ( or some communicative language system ) to write. The second is hands because we need our hands to write or type words out of our heads and onto paper.

After a long writing session or in the middle of a writing session, a hand massager is a must-have tool to work out writing and typing soreness.

The company Breo has some really great options to choose from. Amazon also has some great options somewhere above or below $30.

Product image from the Breo Website

Breo WOWO S Hand Massager – Breo® Official Website

#3 – E-Ink Tablet or E-Reader

Have you seen the ad for a tablet that’s like a notebook? The screen is black and white, it has a slim body and you write on it with an e-pen. When using it it’s supposed to be like writing on paper, but just digital paper. That’s a E-Ink Tablet or E-Reader. It looks like one of the examples below.

Its main use is for efficient writing, taking notes, and reading without distraction. With some companies, you get more or fewer features but you get the idea. As a writer myself, I use my tablet to take notes and annotate a lot. And with just the concept of an e-ink tablet, I’m already sold.

For any writer this would be great for editing a story, planning, taking notes, jotting down ideas, reading, and you know writing.

Here are three great e-ink tablets to look into.

  • Remarkable
  • Boox
  • Kobo

Product image of the reMarkable 2 from the reMarkable Website

Product image of the Leaf 2 from the Boox Website

Product image of the Kobo Elipsa from the Kobo website

#4 – Self Heating Traveling Mug

Productive writing sessions can be LONG. And a warm drink is a great companion. Self heating mugs keep drinks at whatever temperature you set it to. So, coffees, teas and hot chocolates can stay warm for the whole session.

Ember is a great company for this. They have a great selection of self-heating mugs and travel mugs that are stylish, sleek, and simply great.

Product image of the Ember Travel Mug 2 from the Ember website

Ember Travel Mug² – Heated Travel Mug, New (RED) Travel Mug – Ember®

#5 – Side Console Table

Hear me out. This choice may seem a little odd. But I’m approaching this with a lot of thought. If writers are not sitting at their desks to write, their second choice is somewhere comfortable like a sofa, bean bag, or bed. A side table console would be very helpful, for writing on a sofa or bed. They’re usually small and compact, and portable.

Product image of the Yoobure side table from Amazon

Amazon.com: Yoobure C Shaped End Table, Side Table for Couch and Bed, Small Side Table for Small Spaces, Living Room, Bedroom, Rustic Snack Table : Home & Kitchen

#6 – Desk Chair

And on the topic of comfort, a desk chair is also another great choice. A comfortable chair is important for writing for longer periods of time.

Since a chair is not the most conventional Valentine’s Day gift you could get an extremely stylish chair, an aristocratic-looking chair, or an ergonomic and extremely comfortable chair. You could also put your other gifts in the seat of this chair for a grand presentation. Everyone loves new furniture that suits their needs, so why not?

#7 – Scrivner Payment

I wasn’t sure if I should include this gift in the list. But some writers may actually love this. Scrivner is writing software that authors, screenwriters, and other types of writers use to write, format, and edit their work. It’s like Google Docs or Microsoft Word for writers.

This would be a very thoughtful gift to give alongside something else or by itself, depending on your budget. This gift would directly contribute to their writing and they could use it every day, literally.

#8 – Snack Basket

This one is a no-brainer. Writers love snacks because 1. they’re humans have stomachs and 2. they spend a lot of time sitting, writing, editing, and planning for work. And just like the convenience of having coffee or tea warmed in an ember cup, having great snacks for a long writing session comes in handy. This could also pair well with another gift on this list.

I put an example of one below. Gift baskets like these are sold in various online and physical stores. You could order from the company I found or get one near you.

Product image of gift basket from the Harry & David Website

Ultimate Premium Gift Basket (harryanddavid.com)

#9 – Levitating Pen

Having a stylish writing room or office that represents the writer is a thing, even if that ‘room’ is just a desk. And a levitating pen is something really cool to have on the corner or center of a writing desk. If not a desk it could make great decor for a bookcase or mini library.

Amazon has some really great options like the one below.

Product image of levitating pen by Sun Interest on Amazon

Magnetic Levitating Ballpoint Pen,Futuristic Luxury Floating Pen, Professional Executive Pen that Defies Gravity,Unique Gifts for Men & Women,Aesthetic Office Desk Decor,Cool Tech Gadgets(Black) (amazon.com)

You could totally get your valentine a typical heart-warming Valentine’s Day gift assemble like chocolate and flowers. Those are sweet and classic.

And to take your gift giving up a level, get your writer or author valentine something to celebrate the art they love, writing. If you still don’t know what to get, let me know in the comments I might have a few more suggestions up my sleeve.

Don’t just be a good writer, be a great one!
Until my next words (on here that is),

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