The Trails and Tribulations of This Writer: January 2023

The Trials and Tribulations of a Writer is a new series that’ll encapsulate my thoughts, struggles, questions, and in-time journey as a writer. I got the title from an amazing professor I had last semester. And even though this post will be the first in the series, I already love the series so much. The series doesn’t have tight deadlines, leaves room for more creativity, doesn’t have a specific length goal, and just allows me to let loose.

And I thought that I’d have a lot of things to say for January but I guess not. Anyways here is the first T&T for January of 2023.

Come back at the end of every month for entries on the Trials and Tribulations of a Writer.

January 14th, 2023 – A Crazy Theory

Sometimes I listen to music while I write. Actually, I am almost always listening to music when writing. It puts me in the mood to write and flicks my focus switch on. But I wonder if I am limiting myself. Like, are my stories bound to the world of the song playing in the background? I wonder what kind of story I’ll write in silence. Or maybe it’s just a crazy theory.

Don’t just be a good writer, be a great one
Until my next words (on here that is)

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