Story Submission Policy and Guidelines

*Not all stories submitted will get chosen to be published

What Happens When You Submit Your Story on

1. You agree to have your submitted work published on’s public platform. You understand that you have the rights to your work, and has the right to hold your submitted work until or unless you request it to be removed from the website and website database.

2. Your story gets reviewed for moderation based on story guidelines

3. You, who submitted work, are contacted and notified on the status of your story: whether it is accepted and/or denied, needs some adjustments to be accepted if more information about the person who submitted the piece is needed when your story is published when a date is set for it to be published or for any other thing related to the story and the writer of the story.

What Are The Story Guidelines

While freedom of speech is respected, stories submitted on this website cannot be explicit, violent, sexual, hateful, life-threatening (threatening) to any readers or person, bashing material, or any kind of material related to these terms.

Stories must be less than 1000 words and more will not be accepted

How Are Stories Chosen To Be Published

  1. Based on story guidlines
  2. Based on this website owner’s discretion.

How Many Stories Can You Publish

You can submit as many stories as you like. But keep in mind that this website strives to feature many writers and make space for new ones.

What does that mean

If you submit 5 stories maybe only 2 of them will get published and will be published around different times

Reach out if you have questions or need more information:

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