I Am Actually Starting To Write

Who Am I?

Hi, my name is Christa and I am a writer. Barely known unless a few family members count. I love writing and reading and the English language and the relation between languages and other things not related to writing too. I have been writing since forever. Other than learning how to write, and writing through my school years I used to and still do express myself through writing. I would write about anything and everything that was important to me. Or anything that was important at the moment. I have gone through a journey of desired professions and I have settled on: Writer. So much more authentic. So much more me.

Starting To Write

               I actually have started writing seriously a couple of times. My first book was a Princess and the Frog decorative gift that I got for Christmas, I think. It was a book with blank pages where you had to write your own story and decorate the book with stickers and whatnot, and so I wrote my book. And at that age, I thought it was phenomenal. Reading it years later, it may as well have been a comedic book, I laughed and laughed and laughed. I mean from the grammatical errors, comprehensive errors, to the missing words that were said in my head and not written down, I enjoyed the book many times in different ways;

 The point is I wrote a book before and I will write another one. And another and another. With prayer, work, failures, and more comedy gold failed books and etc. I will write great books that I will love.

Why Do I Want To Write?

              You know how a lot of people have that way of expressing themselves or way of communicating best. Like a person whose second language is singing, dancing, painting, building, cooking, drawing, talking, or baking. For me, writing is just that. It’s my best form of communication. Knowing this for a long time, I wrote poems, little stories, ideas, and whatever I could think of for years. Until my second year in college after taking so many English classes (with interest and enthusiasm) I settled with the fact that that I may want to become a writer. And after taking the right creative writing class that had me writing one or two pieces every week, I knew more than the first time I “knew” that I wanted to write.

             And after a lot of research, writer block, roadblocks, learning curves, writing curves, start overs, ideas, and lots of writing I have just started to get a hang of what I want to write and maybe how I want to write it and where I want my writing to go. Now I know that’s a lot of ands, and commas and some then’s in there but that is literally how the process went.

This is For You Too

As much of a journey as this is for me. This is for you too. If you’re a writer, you can pick up some of the learned lessons, tips, advice, and whatever else put down. If you’re anyone else, you can give feedback, be inspired, motivated, and motivated by all the good on the blog. As I am sort of documenting the serious and more organized process, give me your criticism when creative work is written, your tips, thoughts, comments, questions, and so on.

Until my next words (on here that is)

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