Coming Up With A Title For A Story

How In the World Do I Come Up with a Title for My Story I never expected to struggle with story titles. And I haven’t really considered it much until recently. Whenever I write stories that I don’t publish or don’t need to submit for class assignments, titles arent an issue. If anything most of … Read more

Improving My Greatest Writing Weakness: Grammar & 7 Tips to Improve Your Grammar

I am not perfect and mistakes are bound to happen when writing. But if these mistakes distract readers from the story then this mistake has got to be dealt with. Because when I publish a story ( and soon a novel ) I want people to read my story and enjoy its events, not be distracted by my grammar

Is Story Structure Necessary?

Structuring a story can include very thorough/meticulous organizing and outlining. It can also be the use of a story archetype to best deliver your message. Or formulating your sentences and paragraphs so that your ideas flow smoothly. They can be all of these things, just one of these things and more. Applying structure to a story definitely doesn’t require one cookie-cutter formula.

Organize Your Books With These 21 Aesthetic and Quirky Methods: Revive Your Library

Move books on and off your shelf easily with these 21 methods. You decide which methods fit your quirky or unique aesthetic tastes. These methods can be used for your home library, school library, book store shelves, or office library. Depending on your aesthetic and level of quirkiness, one of these methods is just right for you.

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