Is Story Structure Necessary?

Structuring a story can include very thorough/meticulous organizing and outlining. It can also be the use of a story archetype to best deliver your message. Or formulating your sentences and paragraphs so that your ideas flow smoothly. They can be all of these things, just one of these things and more. Applying structure to a story definitely doesn’t require one cookie-cutter formula.

9 Best-Selling Black Authors of 2021-2022

Anyone can write about anything. But to receive recognition, support, compensation, and respect for your writing, art, and creative work. Receiving all of that (and more) despite obstacles that many black artists face in the literary world takes the accomplishment to another level…He may also become your favorite author and this may become your new favorite book.

Organize Your Books With These 21 Aesthetic and Quirky Methods: Revive Your Library

Move books on and off your shelf easily with these 21 methods. You decide which methods fit your quirky or unique aesthetic tastes. These methods can be used for your home library, school library, book store shelves, or office library. Depending on your aesthetic and level of quirkiness, one of these methods is just right for you.

Save Your Bookstore With These 17 Unique Business Ideas

Bookstores were inevitably going to experience some sort of (initial) decline before the industry fully adapted to the digital age and its advancements. However, the Corona Virus aka Covid-19 accelerated this decline…But instead of a decline, this is the perfect opportunity for book stores to make their comeback. But it may require a little evolving unless all the internet and technology suddenly fails.

7 Ways To Make Money Writing and Reading in 2022

Of course, some other professions are more obviously lucrative, with some professions that promise faster financial success and more financial security. But sometimes being a successful writer requires a bit more work and a lot of writing. Here are 8 ways you can make money as a writer this year. Some of these methods can side hustles and others can turn into a stable source of income.

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