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Coming Up With A Title For A Story

I never expected to struggle with story titles. And I haven’t really considered it much until recently. Whenever I write stories that I don’t publish or don’t need to submit for class assignments, titles arent an issue. If anything most…

8 Ways To Increase Your Writing Stamina

the next key to unlocking the next level of my productivity is increasing my writing stamina...My journey with writing stamina is a never eneding one. But as I continue to understand what works for me as a writer, there are so many ways and opportunities for me to increase and maintain my writing stamina.

Is Story Structure Necessary?

Structuring a story can include very thorough/meticulous organizing and outlining. It can also be the use of a story archetype to best deliver your message. Or formulating your sentences and paragraphs so that your ideas flow smoothly. They can be all of these things, just one of these things and more. Applying structure to a story definitely doesn't require one cookie-cutter formula.

The 7 Characters Roles You Read And Write In Stories

Character roles speak to the position characters play in a story and specify the purpose of that character in the story. Character roles are an important part of story writing and can't be avoided. If you're writing a story it is important to know why you include the characters that you do, and what they contribute to the story and the story's message. There are 7 character roles in literature
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